Simply using a microscope doesn’t make you a microscopist – if you want to be a microscopist, you need to learn how microscopes work.  Understanding how your microscope works is the only way to get the most out of it.  Team NIC is super-passionate about microscopy education – we love to teach!  For upcoming opportunities, take a look at our events calendar.  Here’s the kind of stuff you’ll find…

NIC Microscopy Workshops

The NIC@HMS offers a series of one-day workshops on a variety of topics.  Workshops include both lectures and hands-on exercises on the microscopes in the NIC.  Our workshops are open to members of all non-profit and/or academic institutions for free.  Enrollment is limited to ensure all students get their hands on a microscope, so registration is required.

Upcoming workshops

**We are currently scheduling workshops for spring 2018.  Please email for more information on the workshop course program.**

Lunchtime Lectures

Upcoming lectures

References from Past Lectures


For those of you who can’t attend our courses, or if you just can’t get enough (like us!), please take a look at the external educational resources below.

We also recommend…