Access & Fees

The HMS Departments of Cell Biology, Systems Biology, and BCMP fully subsidize NIC hourly fees for their primary faculty. Hourly fees for primary faculty from the other pre-clinical Departments at HMS are listed below. When capacity is limited, access is prioritized for members of Cell Biology, Systems Biology, and BCMP. The NIC currently does not have capacity to offer microscope access to the HMS affiliates, FAS or external institutions.

  • Widefield Fluorescence: $20/hour

  • Confocal: $30/hour

  • TIRF: $30/hour

  • Localization Microscopy Super-resolution (eg, STORM, PALM, PAINT): $30/hour

All core users are charged a one-time $200 fee for standard microscope trainings and $500 for some advanced level trainings (including super-resolution and light sheet microscopes) that require significantly more staff time. The training fee can be discussed during the initial consultation.

The NIC offers HMS and FAS affiliates free consultations on experimental design and can provide advice on other core facilities that may be able to offer access.

Microscope Training


The first step is a in-person consultation with the NIC director to determine the most appropriate microscope for your needs and to discuss experimental strategies


When your sample is ready, you will receive hands on training at the microscope with a member of the NIC


The first time you use the microscope on your own, we will make sure someone is available to assist you should you need help


Once you have comfortably used the scope on your own, you will be given card access to the NIC and online booking privileges

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