Educational Program and Resources

Spring 2016 Workshops

The Spring 2016 workshops will be announced in January.

NIC@HMS workshops are open to non-profit academic & research institutions only. Please register using your institutional email address. Registrations using public (gmail, yahoo, etc) or company addresses will be cancelled.


Future Workshops

To receive notification when new workshops are scheduled, please subscribe to our listserv by sending a blank email to  Use your insitutional (*.edu) email address, NOT a public (gmail, yahoo, etc) address.  Public addresses will not be accepted.

Intensive Course

If you are looking for an intensive and rigorous microscopy course, please consider Quantitative Imaging: From Cells to Molecules at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  This two-week course is organized by Jennifer Waters (HMS), Hunter Elliott (HMS), Talley Lambert (HMS) & Torsten Wittmann (UCSF).  The next course will be held April 5-18, 2016, with applications due on Jan 15, 2016.  Please visit the CSHL website for more information and to apply.

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